3d rubik’s cube Drawing – step by step

Today I have created a 3d drawing Which is rare But no matter what we do it is fame, Today I have made a drawing that is a 3d Rubik’s cube on paper #vkarts, So in today’s blog you will tell me how to make a 3d Rubik’s cube step by step on paper.

How to draw a 3d Rubik’s cube.

The material used: Fabric-castle drawing pencil HB and 8B pencil used in this drawing.

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First, you need to follow my 3 steps to draw Rubik’s cube.

Step:1 You will need an HB pencil to make Rubik’s cube first, So you have to create a Rubik cube which I have put in the image.

Step:2 Then you will need an 8B pencil, with an 8B pencil, you have to leave a box of cube and dark black shade.

Step:3 So you have to create a shadow of the cube that you want to make the shadow on the right side or make it on the left side.

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3d Rubik  cube Drawing

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It took me 30 minutes, It was very amazing drawing for 3d drawings on paper drawn by # vkarts friends.

how to draw 3d Rubik’s cube in a paper by #vkarts

how to draw 3d cube on paper step by step #vkarts

Funny and easy drawing videos for kids learn it took me 1 hour

3D drawing is awesome!




Amazing 3d drawings vkarts



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