Angelfish drawing | Amazing Fish Drawing | Sea Animal Drawing

Hello friends, In this blog post i have provide Angelfish drawing. Angelfish drawing is very easy to draw, First of all you have to follow all the steps given below. The video tutorial link is provided in the last. I hope you like this Angelfish drawing. If you want to draw this Angelfish drawing so you have to read the full tutorial and watch the video tutorial of this Drawing. I hope you draw properly this angelfish drawing.


Angelfish drawing

All the steps are given below.


angelfish drawing

So guys here is the first step for this Angelfish drawing. The Pterophyllum is a small genus of the freshwater fish and it is from the family of Cilchlidae known to most of the aquarists as Angelfish.

All the pterophyllum species originate from the Origin Basin, the Amazon Basin and the various rivers in the Guiana shield (Tropical South America). So let’s begin with the step in this step we will simply draw the shape of a circle as you can see in the picture above.


Angelfish drawing | Amazing Fish Drawing | Sea Animal Drawing

Guys, here is the second step to draw this drawing. In this step we will draw the fins tails and the pointed mouth part of the Fish. So first of all we will start with the upper fin, so simply you have to make the shape of a scalene type triangle for the fins. Again, draw the scalene type triangle shape as usually of fins for the lower fin.

After that male a triangle where you have the tail of the fish then again draw a triangle at the mouth part of the fish. You can look at the pictures above and draw .


angelfish drawing

Here is the third step to draw this Angelfish drawing. In this step we will we will draw a small fin type beside the lower fin. Then, make the smilie mouth of the fish after that make the googli eye of the fish. After making the googli eye make the shape of the tail properly.


Angelfish drawing | Amazing Fish Drawing | Sea Animal Drawing

Here is the fourth step to make this drawing. You are one step far to make this drawing. In this step we will erase all the extra lines and guidelines after erasing all the lines shade the Angelfish in dark tone at the particular region shown in the picture attached to this step.


angelfish drawing

Here is the fifth and the last step to make this drawing. In this step we simply have to just well shade the drawing and it’s upto you if you want to outline the drawing or not. After shading the beautiful Angelfish drawing is ready. I hope you all guys enjoyed and understood how to make this drawing.

Click here to watch the full video

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