chameleon drawing | pencil sketch

Chameleon drawing step by step, Easy drawing of Chameleon. In this article i have provided the full video tutorial of this draiwng. I have provided all the six steps of Chameleon drawing. Read properly steps of Chameleon.

Step:1 Draw two different size of circle

chameleon drawing | pencil sketch

So hello guys here is the first step to make this chameleon drawing. But first let’s know something about chameleon,the scientific name of chameleon is Chamaeleonidae.

Do you think it is good to keep them as pets? They can make excellent pets in the right circumstances, but they aren’t the best choice for everyone to keep them as pets. Do you know? Chameleons are not poisonous or venomous to humans. Let’s some back to the step draw two circles as shown in the picture attached to this image.

Step:2 Draw some guidelines

chameleon drawing | pencil sketch

Here is the second step to make this drawing. Do you know why chameleons change their Colour? Let me explain you thet can’t generate their own body heat, changing the color of their skin is basically a way to maintain a favorable body temperature.

For examples:- A cold chameleon may become dark to absorb more heat, whereas a hotter chameleon may turn pale to reflect the sun’s heat. Looking back at the step just draw the outer rough body structure of the chameleon as you can see above.

Step:3 Draw Legs and tail of Chameleon

chameleon drawing

Hee us the Ed third step to make this chameleon drawing. Do you think chameleons have teeth? The answer is yes they do have teeth, These reptiles basically possess an acrodont dentition, which means their teeth sit vertically on the jawbone. Chameleons don’t stink. Do you think chameleons reproduce?

Most types of chameleons reproduce only by laying eggs. But Jackson’s chameleons do it very differently. Instead of laying a tough-shelled egg, the female carries her young inside her body. Now let’s come back to the step on this step you have to make the tail and the body structure of the girl as you can see above

Step:4 Draw Head of the Chameleon

chameleon drawing

here is the fourth step to make this chameleon drawing. Do you know what is the biggest mistake people make about chameleons? It is that they think that chameleons basically changes their Colour according to their surroundings but it isn’t true they basically change their Colour because of their mood, humidity in the environment, changes in the light or temperature. Different chameleons have different colours. Now let’s move back to the step. In this step you habe to draw the eyes and mouth portion and the limbs of the chameleon.

Step:5 Erase Guidelines

chameleon drawing

Here is the fifth and the second last step to make this drawing. Do you know an interesting fact about chameleon that they have their eyes on the back of their head.Not literally but they can move their eyes separately with each eye having a feild of 180 degree, so this means that they can see 360 degrees if they want/need to. Now let’s move back to the step in this step you have to make the tail of the chameleon properly and you have to erase all the extra lines which were drawn earlier.

Step:6 Chameleon Drawing has been made

chameleon drawing

Here the last step. Your chameleon drawing had already just made, you just have to outline the outer body structure of chameleon by a thin Black sketch pen and after outlining just shade it. Now your drawing is ready as you can see in the image attach to this step. I hope you guys enjoyed whole making the drawing.

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