Christmas sketch | Santa Claus Pencil Sketch

Christmas Sketch step by step. In this tutorial we have provide the Santa Claus Sketch step by step. I hope you like this santa claus sketch. If you want to draw this type of sketch you will be a very amazing artist. I hope you draw this sants claus sketch in one go. We have provide three steps of this drawing and video tutorial of this drawing. Video tutorial is very important for beginners because in the video you will be see the properly sketch information about this christmas sketch.

Christmas Sketch

Christmas Sketch

So friends, This is the sketch tutorial of this santa claus sketch. You have to see in the image and have an idea how to sketch this santa claus step by step. The steps are given below, If you read these steps you will draw this christmas sketch very quickly and easily.

Step:1 This is the first step of this drawing. In this step you have to draw the santa claus first. If you want to draw Santa Claus you know everything about pencil sketch. To draw the santa claus first you have to draw the hat of Santa. After draw the hat you have to draw the face of santa claus. Now we have to draw the hands and dress properly of Santa Claus.

Step:2 This is the second step of this drawing. In this step you have to draw the legs and shoes of Santa Claus. It is very easy to draw for beginners also.

Step:3 This is the third and last step of this drawing. In this step you have to draw the Christmas Tree.

Watch the following video


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