Draw Dragon Easy | Step by Step For Kids in Four Steps

Draw Dragon: Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. If you have come to know how to draw a dragon, then you are in the right place. First of all, I tell you that this drawing is especially for the kids, anyone can make it to make the rest. It is very easy to draw the dragon, you will find it in this entire tutorial. Whatever material is required to make this drawing, all of you will know in this article. By the way, you must have known about this tutorial by looking at the title and thumbnail of this article. Some steps have been given to make this dragon drawing. If you want to make this drawing then don’t forget to read the steps of this drawing.


If you want to make this drawing, then read this article thoroughly and also the steps given below.

How to Draw Dragon

Friends, if you read the steps once before making this drawing, then perhaps the mistake you will read without reading these steps will not be the mistake after reading the steps.

Step:1 Draw Eye of Dragon

Draw Dragon

So friends, to make this drawing, we have to first draw the eye of the dragon. To draw the eye of the dragon, first of all we have to draw its eye shape. After drawing shape, we have to draw black eye lens. Then you have to draw a line above the eye using the sketch. You will be able to see how the line is drawn above the eye in the image.

Step:2 Draw Face Shape and Mouth

draw dragon

Now we have to draw the shape of the dragon’s face and its mouth. When we are drawing the shape of its face, then we have to take care that there is no mistake in drawing the shape. I hope you all understand this step. If you have understood everything here, then definitely read the steps given below.

Step:3 Draw Horn of Dragon

Draw Dragon Easy | Step by Step For Kids in Four Steps

Friends, now we have to draw the wings of this dragon. Along with drawing the Singh, we have to draw some shapes in it which you will be able to see behind the dragon’s head. Friends, although this drawing has been done with the black sketch, I will advise you that if you draw with pencil in the beginning it will be better. First, you make the dragon with HB pencil, after that, you can outline with a black marker if you want. I am telling you this because if you make this drawing with a black sketch, if there is any mistake, then you will have to make this drawing from the beginning.

Step:4 Now Drawing has been Made

Draw Dragon

So friends, now this drawing has been done completely, you can see the rest. In the last, we had to draw its neck, which you can see in the image of this drawing. Hope you all liked this tutorial.

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