Drawing WEDNESDAY ADDAMS | Step by Step

Drawing Wednesday Addams. Friends, we welcome you to today’s new drawing tutorial. In today’s blogpost, we have provided a realistic drawing of Wednesday Addams, which is very amazing to look at. An attempt has been made to provide all possible information in this blog post.

I hope from all of you that you will be able to make this drawing very well. Many colors have been used to make this drawing, whose information is given in full in the video tutorial of this drawing.

You go and see in the video tutorial of this drawing Wednesday Addams, how this drawing has been made and how this drawing has been colored. Everyone must watch the video tutorial of this drawing. If you want to make this drawing, then you must read all the important information given in this article.



So, friends, this is the image of this drawing. By looking at this image, you will definitely be able to tell that this drawing cannot be called a drawing because it looks very realistic. We will try to share as much knowledge as possible, and the more it will be correct in this blog post.

All types of knowledge have been shared and you will gain all the knowledge by watching the video tutorial of this drawing. I hope you can understand what I am trying to say related to this drawing Wednesday Addams.

Step 1 So this is the first step of this drawing. According to this step, we have to first draw the shape and structure of Wednesday Addams’s face. After the structure of the face is drawn, we have to figure out how to draw the parts of its face. You can see the rest in the video tutorial of this drawing.

Step:2 This is the second step of this drawing. In this step, we have to draw its eyes, nose, and ears. After that, we have to draw its hair. To draw its hair, first of all, we have to draw the shape of its hair, after that, we have to sketch its hair so that its hair looks more realistic.

Step:3 This is the third and last step of this drawing Wednesday Addams. Now we have to color in this drawing. Coloring is the most complicated for this drawing. We have given video tutorial of this drawing so that you can understand how to color in this drawing. All the coloring techniques have been explained in this article and you can take help by watching the rest of this drawing Wednesday Addams tutorial.

Watch the following video


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