Easy Nature Drawing | Pencil sketch of Scenery

Easy Nature Drawing, We will create a simple easy scenery which is a beautiful morning scene with the sun rising which is yellow and red in appearance and it is coming from the east. There is a tree standing nearby which is of Peepal tree(Easy Nature Drawing). Here is a view that is visible from a boundary wall, there is a road going ahead, from which side the sun is coming out, and the view of the sky is very beautiful. Redness is spread all around, we will make it in a very simple way with the help of a pencil.

Near the road, the grass has started on both sides, which is green and the sky is full. If the bird is flying or the scene is very attractive, we will make it in a very simple way with the help of a pencil and color it. In this, we will give a nice charming look to this scene by moving the simple pencil in a good way.

I hope all of you will be able to make this drawing easily, the video tutorial of this Easy Nature drawing is given below.

Easy nature drawing

easy nature drawing

So friends this is the image of this drawing. By looking at the image of this drawing, you can get an idea of how this drawing can be made. In this easy nature drawing video tutorial, all of you will know very well how to make this drawing. We have provided many such drawings on our blog, you can search by going to the homepage of this blog, whatever kind of drawing you want to see. Easy nature drawing step-by-step full video tutorial available below. I hope you like this blog post very much.


First of all, we will take the page and draw a straight read line from its bottom, we will not make the line absolutely straight, we will make it slightly crooked. Will make a tree on the side. To make the branches of the tree, keep the pencil a little above the line and bring it slightly obliquely towards the bottom, then make branches from the upper part.

Then doing the same way we will double it from the other side, now above we will run the pencil in the shape of a cloud to make the pend, by doing this we will make 3 to 4 parts. Its upper part will be made like that of a tree. After that a line is drawn from the back of the tree which turns downwards coming to the middle, We will draw a vertical line from bottom to top, now we will give it the shape of a stick.


Now we will make a pillar-like shape on both sides, for that we will draw a vertical line on both sides of the lying line and exactly about 4 cm. Will draw another line near it. Now we will close it from the top, and by doing this we will draw the line on the other side in the same way. Now both sides are lying in a small line from the capillary.

Three lines have been made on both sides. Similarly, this line will be made somewhat crooked, it will be on both sides, and these lines will be connected to the pillar standing in the middle and going to the other side of the page. We will make these slowly with the help of a pencil. Now with the help of a pencil make a big half-circle from behind these lines. On the other side, it will be taken to the back of the rising sun, its size will be very large on the page.


We will color the upper part of the half circle that we have made with orange color, some will run a thin wave of light orange color on it, using wax color in the color. Now we will color it with yellow color, we will make a thick layer of yellow color, which will be seen going to the other side of the tree. one on top of that this Easy Nature Drawing.

And drink light which seems to go far enough, its area will be enough on the page. Will color the remaining part in a bad way with light yellow color. Which works as sunlight. Which will be visible coming behind the tree, while coloring the lines we have made to connect with the builder we have read, we will darken them with black scale. The center part of the circle will be filled with yellow color leaving a little part above the line.


We will color the tree, the lower part of the upper part of the tree will be colored with dark green color, and each part of it will be colored with dark green color. After that light green color will keep its upper part. Then after that, it will be painted with a more light green color.

Color the lower part of your tree, the stem part, its right side part with dark brown color and The next part of it will be colored with light brown color, the remaining part will be colored with an even light brown color, coloring it on Easy Nature Drawing, we will darken it with black color. Now the lower part of the pillar will be painted with black color, its upper part will be painted with brown color and then its. If you understand this step so please read the last step of Easy nature drawing.


Now the middle part of the middle, which is just below the side, will keep the side of it with brown color, the middle part will be kept with light brown color, and the rest of the middle will be left white. This is a straight road going forward. Now its side part will be painted with dark green color and the other side will also be painted with dark green color.

And the middle part of it will be light green, here it is giving the look of grass on both sides, which is absolutely green. The other side will be marked with black color for the shape of the bird. Now our drawing is ready, in this, we will use pencil and color in a proper way. We will double the edge of all the parts with dark black color. Now our scenery is ready. I hope you understand this easy nature drawing, Watch the video tutorial of this Easy Nature Drawing.

Watch the Following Video tutorial


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