Flying Fish Drawing | Pencil sketch of Flying Fish

Flying Fish Drawing, Hello friends, In this blog post I will provide a flying fish drawing. Six steps are given below, If you want to draw flying fish drawing so you have to read all the steps. I have provided a link to the video tutorial of this drawing. I hope you like this drawing and this article. If you like this article so please share this article.

Step:1 Draw Two Circles

flying fish drawing

So friends here is the first step to making this Flying Fish Drawing, flying fishes are ray-finned fishes with their pectoral fins. Regardless of their name flying fishes are not capable of powered flight.

The average size of flying fish is 7 to 12 inches which are 17 to 30 centimeters. Now let’s come back to the step in this step you have to draw two circles on paper as you can see in the image above.

Step:2 Draw Some Guidelines

Flying Fish Drawing | Pencil sketch of Flying Fish

This is the second step to draw this Flying Fish Drawing. You know friends that there are 40 species of flying fish. You know that flying fishes are tropical and temperate marine species that we can see on both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of US.

They are also found in various oceans- The Indian Ocean, The Pacific Ocen and The Atlantic Ocean. Coming back to the step in this stel we have to make the outline of the body structure of the fish.

Step:3 Draw Wings of Flying Fish

flying fish drawing

Here we have come to the third step of this drawing. Now, let’s talk about the diet of the flying fish, so basically, they eat a variety of foods, but plankton makes up a large part in their diet, sometimes they eat small crustaceans also.

Holding back to the step, here we have to draw the wings of the flying fish as you can see in the picture both the wings are prettily drawn draw the fins also as drawn above.

Step:4 Draw the Face of Flying Fish

Flying Fish Drawing | Pencil sketch of Flying Fish

Thia is the fourth step to making this drawing. So in this step, we have to make the beautiful eye of the flying fish inside the left circle that was drawn in the first step told to you.

To draw the eye first we have to make an eye-sized circle after that we have to make another small circle and then we have shaded the inner circle. Make the lips of the fish too by looking at the picture above.

Step:5 Erase All guidelines

flying fish drawing

So guys we have come to the fifth and the second last step of this drawing just one step back to complete this drawing. In this step first of all we have to make all the body parts of the fish properly and after making them properly then we have to erase all the three circles which were drawn by us in the first step and erase all the extra lines also.

Step:6 Flying Fish drawing has been made

flying fish drawing

So here is the last step of this drawing in this step first of all outline the drawing with the help of a sketch pen and after underlining we have to shade the fish accordingly. So here our flying fish drawing had been made, I hope you guys enjoyed it.

Click here to watch the full video

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