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Girl with glasses drawing step by step full tutorial. I hope you like this amazing tutorial. We have provide only steps of this drawing not the images steps so if you wanna full tutorial practically you can watch the video tutorial of this drawing which is given in the last paragraph. If you want to draw this sketch you have proper material of this drawing which is very important to draw this Girl With Glasses drawing. I hope you understand what i want to explain in this tutorial.

Girl With Glasses Drawing

Girl With Glasses Drawing

This is the image of this drawing. In this image you have see the sketch of this girl with glasses drawing. So after that paragraph we have provide the three small steps of this drawing and watch the video tutorial which is given below.

Step:1 First of all we have to draw the cap of this girl. To draw the cap you have to draw the shape of the cap. In the last we have to draw the cap front area.

Step:2 In this step we have to draw the face of this girl. To draw the face of this girl you have to draw shape also. In the face you have to draw Eyes, nose, mouth and Goggles of this girl.

Step:3 This is the last step of this drawing, In this step we have to draw the Iphone and Hand of this girl which is very easy to draw for beginners.

Watch the following video


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