House Drawing For Kids by Using Only One Pencil

house drawing for kids

House Drawing For Kids by Using Only One Pencil. Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. In this article I have provided house drawing for all of you which is for the kids. To make this House drawing For Kids, you only need HB pencil. The most amazing thing I have provided in this article is to make this drawing, which is a video tutorial of this drawing. With the help of Video Tutorial of this drawing. You will be able to make this drawing easily without any problems. Some steps have also been given to make this house, which will help a lot in making this drawing. The rest, I hope all of you will be able to make this drawing for kids easily.

Let’s Talk About House Drawing for Kids

So friends discuss some things related to this drawing which are important. By the way, you will easily make this drawing, but there are some precautions that you will have to do while making this drawing. First of all, you will need HB pencil to make this drawing, which everyone has. Like other drawings, you will have to sketch in this drawing too simple. I hope you all have understood what I am trying to understand.

House Drawing Image

house drawing for kids

So friends, the image you are seeing in this is the image of this house drawing. As you can see, making this drawing is not so difficult. With the help of this drawing you can learn some basic points to sketch which are necessary in the beginning. There are some steps given below this paragraph, related to this drawing, which you can make this drawing very easily by reading it. I hope you understand what i want to explain in this paragraph.


So friends, to make this drawing you will first need HB pencil. In the beginning we have to draw the structure of this house which is very easy. After this you have to draw some lines which will help to draw some parts of this house.


So friends, now we have to draw the gate of this house. To draw the gate first of all we have to draw a square. After that we have to draw a vertical line in the center of the square. After that we have to draw the window of the house.


After everything is drawn we have to sketch in this House drawing For Kids. If you do not know how to sketch, then you have some of our blog posts that you can search Sketch Tutorial.

So Friends, These are all the three steps of this drawing. After this you have to watch the video tutorial of this House drawing that is given below.

Watch the Video of House Drawing


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