How to Draw a Car easy Step by Step #Car

Hello friends, welcome to everyone in today’s post. Today in this blog post(How to draw a Car Easy) I have provided a related article from car drawing for you which once was done before I did the article of the drawing of Lamborghini car and, Now I have done an article of Audi car drawing. Friends, I hope you will be liked today’s post. In this drawing, I have written an article about Audi car drawing for you which you would love very much. Friends, I have provided you with a video tutorial of this drawing so that you are more comfortable in making this drawing or you can understand more about it by watching the video. Just finish it here and if you want you to understand this article then read it from the beginning to the last.

How to draw a Car Easy

how to draw a car easy

Materials: Black Marker

So Friends with the help of this material you can create this drawing. Before looking at this drawing video tutorial, I will show you some important points about this drawing, which will help you to easily draw this drawing. Friends, first of all, you have to draw the shape of this car which is very easy and does not mean much harder. After that, you have to draw a mirror in the video you can see, Then, you have to draw bonnet. Then you have to draw the side mirror it is very easy to draw. Now draw a Head Light of the car it is very amazing. After drawing both the headlights, you have to draw the signature of Audi and after that, you have to draw an alloy wheel car.

Watch in the following video

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