How to Draw a Dinosaur For Kids | Step by Step

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. This article is especially for kids, In which you will also see your category that this article is related to simple drawing. Let me tell you that I have provided the dinosaur drawing in this blog post, in which I will explain to you how to draw a dinosaur. By the way, this drawing is very easy to make, only then I have chosen this drawing for kids. I hope you like this drawing and article very much, By the way, the video tutorial of this drawing has also been provided. If you want the way to make this drawing very easily, then you should read this article carefully and definitely watch the video tutorial of this drawing.

How to Draw a Dinosaur

How to Draw a Dinosaur

Looking at the image of this drawing, you may be thinking that it is very easy to make this drawing, but before making this drawing, you have to take care of some things that you will understand by reading the following paragraphs. I have uploaded the drawing of dinosaurs earlier also in 3 dimensions, I have given you the link below for that article.

It is very easy to make this drawing, but I will tell you some points of making this drawing(How to draw a Dinosaur), knowing that you can make it even more attractive while making this drawing. To make this dinosaur drawing you will first need an HB pencil, Now you have to make a big arch to make the body shape of the dinosaur so that the body shape of the dinosaur will look good. After that, you have to draw the shape of the dinosaur’s face, After that, you have to draw its eyes and also draw its teeth. Now you have to draw its finger along with its hand.

The last two things after all this are its legs and its tail which you can see in the video tutorial of this drawing, how it has been drawn.

Watch in the Following video

source-YouTube/Yo Kidz

This is a video instructional exercise of this drawing(how to draw a Dinosaur), trust you will see this video and offer it, And in case you have not seen any reason for this article, by then you should tell me by commenting or you can message me on the connect with Contact Us page of my blog. Moreover, in case you license the notification of our blog, by then the latest updates related to the pulling in will at first come to you, that likewise to no end.


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