how to Draw a face of Girl Step by Step

How to draw a face

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. Today, after a long time, I am publishing this post. so I hope that you will definitely like this article. By the way, all of you must have understood by looking at the title and thumbnail of this blog post, what kind of drawing I have provided in this article. Let me tell you guys, in today’s blog post I have provided face drawing. In which you will explain how to draw the face of the girl. It is very easy to make this drawing if you want that you can make this drawing in exactly the same way as in this post. then you read this article well and must see and understand the image of all the steps.

How to draw a face of girl

To make this drawing easily, read all the steps below.

Step:1 Draw two Intersect line

How to draw a face

To draw this drawing, two lines have to be drawn which are intersecting with each other. Friends, I will try to publish an article for you daily. By the way, making this drawing is very easy, if you try, it will not be much difficult to make this drawing. I hope you all understand this first step.

Step:2 Draw Lips of Girl(How to draw a face)

how to Draw a face of Girl Step by Step

So guys, now you have to draw this girl’s lips. You all will know in my blog how to draw lips. Very easily you can draw lips. What we have to draw two intersecting lines, we have to erase later when the shape of the face will be drawn properly. We have to draw these two lines so that we can shape the face well.

Step:3 Draw Nose and eyes of girl

how to draw a face

So guys, now you have to draw this girl’s eye. After drawing the eye you have to draw the nose. I hope you all understand the steps well.

Step:4 Shade on the face of the girl

how to Draw a face of Girl Step by Step

Now you have to shade this girl’s face. You will find out how to shade. If you wish, you can shade this drawing with ear buds.

Step:5 Now our drawing is done

How to draw a face

So, friends, this drawing has been made complete. In the last, we have to draw this girl’s hair and you have to draw everything else. I hope all of you have understood how to make this drawing.

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