How to draw a Hoodie | Step by Step Full Video Tutorial

draw a Hoodie: Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. Friends, in this blog post I have provided a hoodie drawing for all of you. This blog post will explain to all of you How to draw a Hoodie step by step. The best thing is that I have provided the video tutorial of this drawing for all of you in this blog post. I did not provide a stepwise method this time as you will get to know all the steps in the video tutorial of this drawing. If you want to make this drawing, then read this article properly and do not forget to watch the video tutorial of this drawing.


How to Draw a Hoodie

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Friends, as you may be able to see how properly this hoodie is drawn. Below are some basic steps to make this drawing, then all of you must follow.

Step:1 Friends, now you have to draw the top part of the hoodie. In the top part you have to draw its cap as it is the main part of the hood, due to which it is called a hoodie.

Step:2 After that we have to draw the shape of the body below with its hands. This drawing will become very easy, just you have to take care that hoodie shape is appropriate. I hope you all understand these basic points.

Step:3 To make this drawing, all you need is a black sketch and nothing else. If you want to make it with a pencil then you can make it. Now you have to sketch black. In the video tutorial of this drawing, you can see how this drawing will be made.

Watch Video draw a Hoodie

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