How to Draw a Knight For Beginners Step by Step | Knight Drawing

Hello friends, Welcome to my Knight Drawing. In the article I have explained how to draw a Knight. This drawing is black & white type. I hope you interested in this Knight Drawing. If you want to draw this you have to read full article. So friends, The amazing thing is this in this blog post is Video tutorial provided in this tutorial. I hope you like this blog post. Stepwise method provide in this drawing. Knight Drawing is made by only Black sketch or Marker. If you want to draw this HB pencil you can draw, But you remember after draw this knight in the last you have to outline with black marker or black sketch.

Let’s Talk About Knight Drawing

So friends, Now we have talk about knight drawing. This drawing is very easy to draw for beginners. If you want to make this drawing you will easy to draw this. Few things you remember to draw this knight, You have to draw this very carefully and use the HB pencil and Black marker or Sketch. I hope you understand what i want to explain about this drawing.

Knight Drawing Image(How to draw a Knight)

how to draw a knight

So friends, this is the image of this drawing. in this image drawing you have to see this and start draw. If you have some idea about this drawing you have to draw very easy. I hope you draw very amazing and carefully. The few steps of this drawing is also given below. I hope you read all the steps of this drawing.


So friends, First you have to draw the top part of Knight. In the top portion you have to draw the head of this drawing. To draw the head you have to draw the shape of head. After that draw the hair of knight. To draw the hairs you have to need HB pencil. I hope you understand the first step of this drawing.


Now you have to draw the mid section of knight. In the mid section you have to draw the hands, Shoulder & neck. I hope you draw perfectly. If you understand this step you have to read the last step of this article.


So, this is the last step of this drawing. In this step you have to draw the bottom part of knight. In the bottom part you have to draw the Sword. I hope you understand all the three step of this drawing. After that you watch the full video tutorial of this drawing. The video tutorial is very informative.

Watch the Video of Knight Drawing(How to draw a Knight)

So friends, This is the video tutorial of this drawing. In this video tutorial stepwise explained about Knight. I hope you like this drawing.


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