How to draw Captain America EndGame Marvestudios

Hello, Friends, All of you Welcome Back in today’s latest blog post. In today’s blog post(how to draw Captain America), I will tell you how to Draw Captain America. Well, yesterday I uploaded a post for you. I uploaded it for your entertainment but today I will explain how to draw it.

I hope you like this post very much. In this drawing, I will explain to you all the steps one by one means that Step by step will explain to you all the things. In the previous post, I had given you some information about Captain America so if you have to know about Captain America then you can go to the previous post(Captain America drawing) or go to Wikipedia. If you want to know how this drawing has been made, read this article from beginning to end. So friends let’s start.

Captain America Drawing EndGame MarvelStudios

How to draw Captain America

Let’s start your drawing. You have to use some material to make this drawing. The material is justFABER-CASTELL marker pen.

To make this drawing, first, you have to follow the following steps.

Step:1 Draw Captain’s Eye

how to draw captain america

First, you have to draw the captain’s eye. Now you have to give the same shape by looking at it in this image, like this image, I am going to get you promoted in this image. So, friends, you have come to understand. Now let’s move to the next step.

Step:2 Draw Eye lenses

How to draw Captain America EndGame Marvestudios

After this, you have to draw an eye lens. the eye lens is very easy to draw. First of all, you have to draw 3 circles inside both the eyes, one is the largest and both the circles inside it, then you have to leave the small circle and leave the big circle and black in the middle. If you understand, enter the next step.

Step:3 Draw A on Forehead

how to draw captain america

Now you have to draw A on Captain America’s forehead, You do not want to draw a single, you have to draw a from the double lining.  I hope friends you will understand everything. Now if you have understood this step, then you can enter in the next step.

Step:4 Draw Curved line and joint area of eyes

How to draw Captain America EndGame Marvestudios

Now the line is drawn in it, so the friends who have been created on the lined forehead have created A with full cover and the line below which is created is covered with eye cover. So, friends, I’m explaining everything by expanding everything to you, even if you have not understood anything then you can go to the Contact Us page and message me.

Step:5 Draw Nose of Captain America

How to draw Captain America EndGame Marvestudios

Now you have to draw the nose of Captain America from Black Sketch. It’s easy to draw the nose. Do not worry, my friends, I have provided this drawing video tutorial down to you so that you do not have problems in making this drawing and you can easily make this drawing.

Step:6 Draw lips of Captain America

how to draw captain america

After that, you have to draw captain lips in America. I hope you guys will you draw the captain’s lips very well. It is very easy to make its lips too, for that, I have provided you with video tutorials. Please go down and watch this drawing video tutorial.

Step:7 Draw line around Cheeks and Chin

how to draw captain america

Now you have to pull the double line while covering this cheek and chin of Captain America. This double line is raising the face of Captain America’s face. It is very easy to draw this line, but when drawing these lines, friends should take a lot of attention that both of these lines should be parallel to each other if this line is intersected then this drawing can worsen.

Step:8 Draw Shoulders and finish our drawing

how to draw captain america

Now you have to draw shoulder of Captain America, Our drawing is now fully completed.

Watch in the following video(How to draw Captain America)


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