how to draw rainbow friends | glitch drawing

How to draw rainbow friends step by step. In this blogpost we have provide the glitch drawing from rainbow friends. I hope you will like this drawing tutorial very much. If you like this drawing so please share this blogpost as much as possible. If you are interested to see more drawing like this so please allow the notification from this blogpost which is very amazing. We have provide the proper steps of this drawing which help you guide how to draw Rainbow friends step by step.

So friends, if you are interested to draw this easy drawing like this so you have to work on your drawing skills and read this full article properly after that you have to watch the video tutorial of this drawing which is very important for which people who want to draw this.

How to draw Rainbow Friends

how to draw rainbow friends

This is the drawing image of rainbow friends which look very unique and impressive. If you want to draw like this so you need to read this full article properly and watch the video tutorial.

Step:1 First of all we have to draw the crown of Glitch. To draw the crown we have to draw the shape of crown. This is very easy to draw for beginners also.

Step:2 This is the second step of this drawing, In this step we have to draw the head area. Now we have to draw the eyes area and mouth which is very unique style to draw this.

Step:3 This is the third and last step of this drawing. In this step we have to draw the full body of glitch. I hope you understand how to draw rainbow friends.

Watch the following video


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