Ladder Drawing-3D Art Trick 3ddrawing

Hello friends how are you all I hope you will be good.  You are most welcome in today’s blog post. In today’s blog post I’ve Provided Ladder Drawing which is a very amazing drawing. I hope you like this post. In this post, I will explain how to draw it’s and what material used in this drawing.  I have got you Video tutorial available below. So that you will not have trouble creating this drawing. Ladder Drawing is very easy to draw.  I will try my best to understand everything in my every post. So friends, if you want to know how this drawing has been made, read this post from start to finish, and see it. So let’s start. 

Materials used in this drawing: 110lb cardstock, Grey Bic Marking Pen, Black Sharpie Pen. 

How to draw 3d Ladder(Drawing)

To draw this 3d ladder first you have to follow the following 6 steps.

Step:1 First you have to fold the A4 Plan Sheet

Ladder Drawing

To make this drawing, first, you need an A4 sheet. After that, you have to fold A4 sheet. When you fold, keep in mind that the sheet should be folded from the middle.

Step:2 Draw parallel line with Grey Bic Marking Pen

Ladder Drawing-3D Art Trick 3ddrawing

After that, you have to draw the parallel line from the gray pen. You can also use the scale to draw lines. If you are drawing a line without a scale, then you pay a lot of attention to the line that the line should be straightforward. This is what we have drawn the line, this drawing is the shadow of the ladder. The next step is to draw the ladder. So that there is no problem with our drawing, and it looks very aggressive in appearance.

Step:3 Draw a Ladder’s lines(Ladder Drawing)

Ladder Drawing

Now you have to draw the line of the ladder. In the earlier step we had drawn the parallel line, the ladder’s shadow, we are now building the line of the ladder. If you have been studying the steps given to me, then you will understand how this drawing has been made.

Step:4 Draw ladder’s Rung-Ladder Drawing

Ladder Drawing

Now you have to draw a ladder’s Rung, When drawing a rung, it is important to take care that the distance between them should be the same. In this drawing, I am explaining each step with a good line so that there is no problem in making this drawing.

Step:5 Draw shadow rungs

Ladder Drawing-3D Art Trick 3ddrawing

Now you have to draw shadow rung. While drawing the rung of shadows, you have to follow the same step that was done while drawing your ladder.

Step:6 Complete this drawing

Ladder Drawing

Now our drawing is Finish, Now you have to fold this A4 sheet at 90 Degree. and your drawing is now done.

After this drawing, you have to click a photo of this drawing in the sided shoot and this image is like 3 dimensional. If you have not yet notified the notifications of my blog then do it now. So that my upload can be the first to disappear from the latest post. I hope you like this blog post very much. Ladder is very easy to draw.

Thank you very much for reading and see this post. If I remain on my website like this, then I will be uploading(Ladder Drawing) daily interest drawing and posts like this. If you like the Ladder, please share this post as much as possible so that you can reach this interesting information(Ladder drawing) from me. Well, I had prepared this drawing specifically for beginners so that small children could get rid of this post.

Watch in following video


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