Lion Cartoon Drawing | Drawing in Four Steps

lion cartoon drawing

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. In today’s blog post, I have provided Lion Cartoon Drawing for all of you. You will need some material to make this drawing, you all will know this. This drawing is very easy to make. We have shown this drawing by drawing in 4 steps through the video tutorial of this drawing. Friends, this is a colorful drawing, so you must have some particular color that you can see in the image of this drawing. Hope you can make this drawing. Four steps have been provided for this art. It is important to read the steps so that there is no confusion while making the drawing. We have provided a video tutorial at the last of this article, which will prove to be very helpful in making this drawing.

Friends, if you want that you can make this drawing in this way, then understand the things mentioned in this article very well, and do not forget to watch the video tutorial of this drawing.

Lion Cartoon Drawing

Friends, before making this drawing, read all the steps once. By the way, you must have understood by looking at the title and thumbnail of this article that Lion Cartoon Drawing is provided in this article. Four steps are given below, definitely read them so that you can get help in making this drawing.

Step:1 Start Draw Eyes, Nose and Mouth of Lion

Lion Cartoon Drawing | Drawing in Four Steps

Now we have to draw the eyes, nose, and mouth of the lion. First of all, we have to draw its eye. Friends, to draw the eye, draw a circle, first of all, draw a curved line above the circle. After that, we have to draw the lion’s nose. Last we have to draw Lion’s mouth.

Step:2 Draw Ears and Mane of Lion

lion cartoon drawing

Now draw the lion’s ears. To draw ears, first, you have to draw the shape of the ear, after that draw the ears completely. After drawing the ear, draw the mane of the lion.

Step:3 Draw Body of Lion

lion cartoon drawing

So friends, Now draw the body of a lion. In the body first, you have to draw the front legs of the lion. After that draw the rear legs of the lion. In the last, you have to draw the tail of the lion.

Step:4 Lion Cartoon Drawing has been made

lion cartoon drawing

So friends, now this drawing is completely done. Now we have to fill color in it. Coloring is very easy you can see in this drawing video tutorial.

Watch the Video of Lion Cartoon Drawing

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