Lion King Drawing | Oil Pastels Drawing of Lion King

lion king drawing

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. In today’s blog post, I have provided Lion King drawing for all of you. Friends, drawing related to this topic is trending on our blog, if you want, you can see it by searching. Guys this is a colorful drawing. To make this drawing, the help of oil pastels color has been taken. I hope you all will like this article. To see this kind of post, you must turn on the notification of our blog because whenever any of our posts are published, it will reach you first. It is very easy to make this drawing. By the way, we have been provided with four steps to make this drawing. A video tutorial has also been provided to make this drawing.

Friends, if you are interested in making this drawing, then first of all read and understand this article. After that read and understand all the steps carefully. Please also watch the video tutorial which we have provided in the last.

Lion King Drawing

Friends, by the way, you must have understood by looking at the title and thumbnail of this article that on which topic we have provided the article. Four steps are given below, you must read them. To read the steps, I am saying that because after reading the steps, you will understand some basic things about this drawing. hope you understand by this point.

Step:1 Start Draw with mane of Lion

Lion King Drawing | Oil Pastels Drawing of Lion King

So friends, now we have to draw the mane of this lion, it is very easy to draw. hope you will be able to draw this drawing easily.

Step:2 Draw Face of Lion

lion king drawing

Now we have to draw the face of the Lion. Drawing Lion’s face is very easy(Lion King Drawing). In the face, you have to draw the eyes, nose, and mouth of the lion. First, we have to draw the eye of the Lion. To draw the eye of a lion, we have to first draw the shape of the eye. After that draw the lens of the eyes. After drawing the eyes, we have to draw the nose of the lion. Now draw the lion’s mouth.

Step:3 Now, draw the Body of Lion

lion king drawing

So friends, now we have to draw the body of the lion. In its body, we have to first draw its back. After drawing the back, we have to draw the legs of the lion. To draw the back we should draw a horizontal line which will be the back of the lion. After that, we have to draw the four legs of the lion. To draw them, we have to draw a line connecting the neck of the lion by taking the side of the first two legs below. Now, the front two legs are to be drawn. After that, drawing the stomach of the lion from below, the line has to be drawn on both the legs behind it. After that draw the tail of the lion at last. hope you understand. I hope you all understand by now.

Step:4 Lion King Drawing has been made

lion king drawing

So friends, now we have to fill the color. You have to use oil pastels color in this drawing. You can see how to color in this drawing(Lion King Drawing) video tutorial.

Watch the Video of Lion King Drawing

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